Our values

  1. To treat employees, customers and all business partners with respect at all times.
  2. To be determined. Small steps will produce big results.  “Just keep chipping away”.
  3. To be prudent. Manage in the good times for the bad times. Focus on long term sustainability.
  4. To be genuine. Be yourself. Having fun and having character is allowed!
  5. Work with humility. Treat the competition seriously, but not yourself.
  6. Be professional at all times.
  7. Work hard to be the best. Winners go the extra mile!
  8. Be honest. Flag up mistakes, learn and move on. Zero blame culture.
  9. Always practice these rules internally and externally.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Corilla Plastics is to revolutionise the plastics rotational moulding industry by delivering innovative, high-quality, and sustainable solutions. We strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations through precision engineering, environmental responsibility and a steadfast commitment to quality assurance. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and embracing cutting-edge technology, we aim to be the premier partner for our clients, providing them with proven, first-class products that drive their success while contributing positively to the greater community and environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe in long-term sustainability even at the expense of short-term financial goals.

A commitment to building relationships, assisting customers with designs and an ambition to add value to our customers product ensures the basis of long standing business partnerships.

We understand the need for continual investment in the development of our employees, with training programmes targeted at both technical and the softer skills.

We believe that we are on an exciting path to becoming ‘best in class’. There are challenges ahead of us, as there are in any business, however with a determined, focused approach, a commitment to investment and the provision of support and leadership to our employees, the vision is achievable.

Our Goals

  • Achieving a financial performance, sufficient for reinvestment and continued site development
  • Developing the most efficient and happiest team of people in the industry;
  • A clear focus on health and safety, ensuring the best interest of our employees and site visitors are maintained at all times;
  • Year-on-year business development via organic growth and acquisition.
  • To Maintain a clear focus on our mission and philosophy.


Corilla supports the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and our culture and values follow suit. We have a zero tolerance for any type of discrimination, bullying or harassment within the company.

We work with many organisations around the world, partnering on new product innovations and initiatives. There are ethical considerations we need to make in doing so, and as such we will never knowingly support, or work with, organisations that do not conform to strict standards of labour rights, including the use of under-age or forced labour.


We recognise that a key element in running a responsible manufacturing company is to recycle and reuse as much raw material as possible. As a consequence we are continuously working to become more efficient, lessening the use of virgin polymers in our products versus recycled polymers.

We also work closely with the Carbon Trust to identify and act on areas where we can become an increasingly lean business.