Corilla Fuel Tanks

Using their vast and almost unparalleled experience in the rotational moulding industry, Corilla Plastics has been involved in the design, manufacture and testing of innovative plastic fuel tanks for more than three decades.

Working with some of the best known and best respected names in the international automotive industry – including Ford New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Iveco Trucks, Landrover, Fiat and LDV – South Wales-based Corilla is rapidly becoming known as a centre of excellence for fuel tank production.

Traditionally fuel tanks have been made from steel but there are many advantages of using plastic. Extensive tests have proved that rotationally moulded polyethylene tanks can be as tough and resilient as metal and suitable for the same applications, whilst benefitting from cost and design flexibility advantages.

All Corilla fuel tanks are designed, manufactured and rigorously tested in accordance with ECE Regulations 34, Annex 5, the principal aspects of which include:

  • Impact resistance at –40 degrees C
  • Mechanical strength at +53 degrees C at 0.3 bar pressure
  • Fuel permeability at +40 degrees C for up to 12 weeks
  • Resistance to fuel after permeability test. The tank must conform to both impact resistance and mechanical tests
  • Resistance to fire for 120 seconds on 3 different tanks
  • Resistance to high temperature filled to 50% capacity for 60 minutes at 95 degrees C

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