Our approach

Corilla Group is a key employer in the Bridgend area. With a tradition of plastic manufacturing, our employees are amongst some of the most skilled rotational moulding people in the world.

But there are many other qualities that define our people and make them great to work with.

What we do is often a process that requires patience, thought and a willingness to go beyond the expected. And because we work so closely with our customers, it’s one that demands a special type of character that can turn challenges into positive experiences for all involved.

These characteristics make our people our most valuable asset and as an Investor in People, we’re proactive about their individual and collective development.

As part of that commitment we invest in regular training to ensure that each individual is kept up to date with the latest methods and best practices in their respective disciplines. We also work with numerous partners such as Cardiff University and Toyota on initiatives to improve how we operate. The latter relationship is part a knowledge sharing network that the ultra-efficient Japanese car giant operates to help organisations reduce waste, from time to materials. This programme is helping each individual learn how to prioritize tasks, organise their time and even their workspaces better, and in turn is making them more effective at what they do.