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Before any design goes into full manufacture, comprehensive testing and quality control checks should be completed and at Corilla we can help you do exactly that.

In fact, rigorous testing is a vital and every-day constituent of our approach and it’s something we pride ourselves on.

Full project management support is available for all product testing requirements; we can provide complete certification and verification ID and any necessary product compliance documentation and reporting such as FMEA, ISIR, PPAP & PSW.

Amongst the many tests we undertake are:

  • Dry flow testing of powder to determine how well it tumbles in the product mould. This affects heat transfer in the powder bed and distribution over the mould surface.
  • Wall thickness testing during production using an ultrasonic thickness testing gauge.
  • Drop impact testing. Using a section of moulding that has been frozen to -40c, a falling dart impacts the sample and provides information about the quality of the part.

We also test for warpage, PIAT, tensile modulus, stress and strain at yield and at break, ARM impact, ESCR (FNCT), heat deflection temperature and shore durometer.