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Rotationally moulded plastics technology is today’s answer to lightweight, durable and robust materials handling products for all industries – from horticulture to petrochemicals and from marinas to hospitals. Plastics can be precision moulded to any shape and size – from garden centre wheelbarrows and trolleys to specialist and hygienic storage containers for the medical profession. Toys, intricate vehicle components, bulk container systems for the food industry, and even some of the world’s largest navigational buoys, situated in the most hostile of environments, begin life as rotationally moulded plastics… courtesy of South Wales-based Corilla Plastics Limited.

The Corilla Group was formed following the acquisition of a number of rotational moulding businesses in 2009. The synergy of these companies resulted in a wealth of skills and experience and access to a range of established markets for plastic products, making the Corilla Group one of the UK’s leading rotational moulding specialists.

Corilla Group have worked with a vast number of respected businesses, institutions and government bodies, all of whom rely on Corilla’s unrivalled and long-established expertise in the specialist field of rotationally moulded plastics.

Here in the UK, one client supplies a huge diversity of high-quality plastic trolleys to suit a variety of manual handling situations in the DIY trade, garden centres, the equestrian, horticultural and pet industries, hospitals, marinas, and in the office and home… all of which start life as rotationally moulded plastics by Corilla.

One of Corilla’s many ongoing contracts is to create and supply specialist plastic bumpers for miles of racking in the huge warehouses used by the worlds’ foremost international on-line retailer. Likewise, for many years Corilla has provided gown hamper storage boxes the oldest firm of tailors in the world, who – since 1689 – have specialised in supplying ceremonial robes, judicial regalia and graduation gowns.

Corilla produces drink machine coin boxes and plastic dispenser chutes for dry products such as sugar and coffee for one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. Corilla also provides a customised range of containers to deliver bulk storage solutions for manufacturers in the nutrition, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

One of our clients offers a bespoke service to the international oil and gas exploration industry by designing, manufacturing and supplying specialist drills, tools and equipment.  They rely on Corilla products to ensure hugely expensive components reach their intended destinations – on land or at sea – in perfect condition.

Similarly, Corilla rotationally moulded plastics technology is behind a brand new home delivery solution – the world’s first home located parcel box, nowadays used extensively for online shopping deliveries and returns. For a leading recycling and resource management company, Corilla mould large medical storage bins. And for specialists in the automotive industry, Corilla has developed an exclusive engineers’ kit box. Designed to meet particularly rigorous specifications, the end product is a rotationally moulded box that houses and protects specialist components in an easy-to-clean environment.

Throughout their 40+ years of experience in rotationally moulded plastics technology, Corilla technicians have worked closely with product managers, designers, logistics professionals and sales and marketing teams to create the precise specification for a product at a pre-determined cost. Once agreed, Corilla then create the essential tooling so that product production can commence.  In some circumstances, Corilla work with companies who want to move production from their current moulder and taken on existing tooling.

For the past four decades Corilla has introduced rotationally moulded plastics technology to a truly diverse range of market-leading businesses and organisations throughout the world… providing technical solutions, innovative products, high-quality manufacture, and substantial cost savings over traditional production methods. To be part of this elite fellowship, discuss your requirements with Corilla today.

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