Maintaining standards and supporting sustainability

Corilla Plastics is committed to upholding high standards and ensuring that customers have confidence in its service and products.

As part of an ongoing review of standards and processes, Corilla Plastics has recently renewed its ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification – making it over a decade that the business has maintained the high standards needed to achieve it!

Compliance with ISO9001:2015 is indicative of excellence in quality management, and demonstrates that Corilla Plastics can consistently meet statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Corilla Plastics is also working towards ISO14001 Environmental Management certification for the first time, as sustainability is a driving ethos for the business. In order to meet ISO14001, Corilla Plastics will demonstrate its ability to meet environmental regulations, minimise its impact on the environment and work towards responsible manufacturing processes.

Mark Jenkins, Group Quality & Technical Manager of Corilla Plastics Group, has been supervising the review of standards and processes.

Mark commented: “As a manufacturer, it is crucial that we consistently demonstrate quality not only in our products, but through the surrounding business procedures and protocols. At Corilla Plastics, we also believe we have a responsibility to strive towards more responsible manufacturing in an environmental sense. By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we are communicating our position as a trustworthy partner for roto-moulded goods in the long term.”

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