Making new customers right at home with Corilla

From time to time, a client may choose to move their production requirements from one rotational moulder to another.

The transition from one moulder to another isn’t always straight forward, but can be achieved with careful consulting and forward planning.

At Corilla Plastics we take a step-by-step approach to supporting the onboarding of new customers. We recognise there will be a range of variables to consider ahead of a move and are on hand to guide customers through the process.

Selwyn Jones, Managing Director at Corilla Plastics said,

“We’ll do everything we can to make it a smooth road but there will inevitably be potholes and bumps along the way”.

By taking each case on its own merit and being process orientated we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible.

What is the reason for the move?

First, we have preliminary consultations with prospective customers to understand where problems arose with previous suppliers and why the previous service failed to meet their needs. We can then develop a manufacturing service which meets specific customer requirements.

If customers are dissatisfied with service or price then it’s usually easy to address, but often the issue is quality of manufacture. In this case, we take the opportunity to work with clients to understand the issues – this may be a manufacturing fault or issues with the tools themselves.

Tooling – is it fit for purpose?

As part of the onboarding process, Corilla Plastics will try to understand if the tool design and functionality are fit for purpose.

For example, faults with tools will affect the quality of the finished product, so these should be identified early on to achieve better results.

Clients may expect that moving to a new manufacturer will eradicate QA issues, but if the tools aren’t good enough, the quality problem will remain.

Another potential hurdle in the move from one manufacturer to another is the question of tool ownership. We need to understand if the client owns their tooling, fixtures and jigs outright as identifying a problem at this stage can save considerable time and effort later.

Once Corilla are happy we have enough background information, we can give clients timings for the move and when they can expect to be back up and running.

Les Loosemore, Business Development Manager at Corilla Plastics explains,

“We support our clients to ensure the move is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, however there are so many elements outside of our control, so my advice is, whatever stock you think you might need ahead of a move, double it!

“The team at Corilla Plastics pride ourselves on offering an exemplary, world-class service. 40 years of experience and problem solving expertise, means tool moves are dealt with on a case by case basis to ensure any problems are minimised and the customer experience is as pain-free as possible.

“Each project is different but through working closely with the client we can anticipate problems wherever possible to make the transition a smooth one.

Corilla’s MD, Selwyn Jones said,

“It’s impossible to cover every eventuality, but we’ll do our very best to offer our support and share our years of experience to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction levels.”

If you’re having issues with your moulder or manufacturer and you want to talk about moving, please get in touch with the team on 01656 870415.

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