Manufacturing the future – plastic products that are built to last

Sustainability, and the long-term health of our environment, is a higher profile concern than ever. From international initiatives on climate change, to developments in sustainable energy, environmental concerns are driving innovation on a global scale.

Amidst the sustainability conversation, the drawbacks of single-use plastics have become increasingly apparent. This has prompted movement throughout the UK, with restaurant chains scrambling to replace plastic straws, and coffee shops introducing recyclable takeaway cups.

It’s important to recognise, however, that not all plastic is bad.

Corilla Plastics has over 40 years’ worth of experience in rotational moulding, and is well-versed in creating plastic products that are engineered to stand the test of time. Plastic products which are durable, and reusable, still have a place in our day to day lives.

Plastic is still a low-cost, lightweight material which is suitable for a huge range of applications. It can be formed into almost any shape, in any colour, and incorporate moving parts as required.

Roto-moulding is especially fitting for creating reusable plastic products and components, as the forming process does not introduce additional stress to the material. The product will be inherently durable, with consistent wall thickness and the potential for double-walling lending additional structural integrity.

There’s more to creating a product that’s built to last than just choosing the right plastic-forming process, though. The Corilla Plastics team has a wealth of experience in providing design support, including timber modelling and prototyping, to ensure a product is fit for purpose.

Corilla Plastics has been going the extra mile for sustainability in the past year, working with a processing partner to prepare excess material for reuse. The material is taken off-site for processing, before being delivered back to the Corilla Plastics’ South Wales plant ready for use on a regular basis.

Single-use plastics are not a sustainable way to move forwards in production. Roto-moulding is the plastic forming process of choice for creating reliable, reusable plastic products. With single use plastics being phased out in industries throughout the UK, creating reusable alternatives is a shrewd choice.

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